Dear Mama, The Struggle Does Not Define You

Dear Mama,

It's okay ...

No, seriously 

You've got to know this.

It's okay to struggle, to cry, to get frustrated, 

to wonder if you'll ever get your life back

ALL of it!

It's okay

You're in a season, and sometimes seasons seem to stay too long. 

Sometimes we're so over the dryness of the winter 

and long for the fresh spring rain, hold on it's coming

The sun will shine again

YOU will smile again, just hold on a little longer

One day those babies will be out of diapers, they'll be feeding themselves, and off to school. 

They're only little for a little while, cherish this day enjoy the moments.

The moments when you're fighting with a wild toddler who insist on resisting bed time.

Those moments when your infant wants you to walk around and rock them even though you're desperate for sleep.

Those moments when your bank account is low and so are the diapers.

Don't let those moments or any moments define you. You are not a failure. 

You are not a bad mom. 

You are a strong woman doing the best you can and guess what? 

That is more than enough, 




Stuck in a cell made up of perfect pinterest moms, instagram perfect kids living in HGTV homes and he expectations we put on ourselves. Free yourself from that cage you're in, just walk out.

Those pinterest moms are not even that put together.

Those instagram kids throw tantrums.

& that HGTV home has a sink full of dirty dishes.

Don't get caught up in the highlight reel. What you are experiencing is real life 

& the chaos, yes even the chaos is beautiful

You are not alone in struggling. You are not the only one with tears and your frustrations are common.

You are actually in good company when you stumble through the day because the truth is all of us moms do.