10 Things to do While PMSing (& 5 things NOT to do!)

So it's that time of the month but not quite! Your hormones are everywhere and you want to cry, yell, jump with joy, punch someone in the face & cuddle a small kitten all at once. Yup, you're PMSing. Oh and let's not forget the chocolate cravings, can't forget those good 'ol chocolate cravings. Some women go through this time gracefully, their moods never change and it's beautiful HOWEVER that's not girls like us. Some of us need a little bit of a push in the right direction to keep us from acting irrational and plain 'ol CRAZY!! So here's my PMS cheat sheet to keep me & you from being miserable and making others miserable once every month.

Your emotions are everywhere. You're irritable maybe sad probably angry. When you find yourself getting overwhelmed with all that your body is doing stop for a moment. If you're at work, if you're in class take a 5 minute bathroom break and just run to Jesus. Pray, read your favorite verse or just take a moment to breathe in His sweet presence. Ask Him to realign your thoughts and emotions and to give you a fresh perspective.

Having alone time is sooo super important, especially when your body is doing all that it is doing. Spending time with yourself reading a book, watching your favorite show or just laying down will help you relax and rejuvenate especially because you may be feeling irritable. If you can't do this for a full day take at least one hour. Take a bubble bath or go for a walk, turn off your cell phone or leave it at home. No facebook, no twitter, no instagram just you and Jesus.

You're having food cravings out the wazoo, go head have something sweet to eat IN MODERATION. Don't you dare go buy a gallon of ice cream, a bunch of chocolate cake and crawl into bed and pig out. Do go on head and buy a piece of dark chocolate which is actually good for you and sweet at the same time. Do have an organic and naturally sweetened fruit smoothie.

Whenever I'm PMSing a girls night always helps. Your girlfriends understand how you feel because they most likely share some of the feelings you are currently feeling. You all can get together have some great girl talk, laugh, cry, hug and get your mind off of the long range of emotions you're having. After spending some time alone do not isolate yourself, DO go head and get together with some girlfriends.

In a graceful, tasteful and polite way let those around you know that you are currently experiencing PMS. While you are not excusing your actions or mood swings let them know you're just not feeling it today and you may need a little space.

Journal! Write down how you're feeling. It will help you sort out how you really feel from just plain 'ol PMS. It will also be a good outlet for your emotions. You can't throw your emotions away they've got to go somewhere. Your emotions should NEVER be given to friends and family members while PMSing that is unfair to them and will strain the relationship when you're yourself again. Give your emotions to Jesus and your journal! This is also a great time to track the date of the month and how you feel during that time. After 3 or 4 months you may see a pattern like every third week of the month I PMS and feel irritable. It will help you take care of yourself better in the future.

There are so many foods that can help regulate your mood and eliminate irritability but they're all healthy. I get it you have your cravings but that doesn't mean you should submit to them and PMS is not excuse for forsaking all rules for healthy eating. Salad's with apples and oranges, bananas, salmon, avocado, nuts, whole grains, spinach and beans are great for you while your PMSing. They will also help set you up for a smoother actual menstrual period. Oh and don't forget the good 'ol water which we should be drinking lots of EVERY day!

When you're PMSing your boyfriend, fiance or husband is most likely to feel your wrath & he doesn't deserve to!!! Setting up a code word with him will help you to recognize when you're getting out of hand and help him feel more comfortable telling you you're getting out of hand.

Endorphin's galore!!!! When you work out you release a chemical in your body called endorphin. This lovely chemical boost your mood and basically makes your happy. People who frequently work out have better moods because of this chemical. So when you're irritable and cranky hit the gym and get those endorphins working!!!

Princess, life goes on. There's really nothing else to say, just keep going!!! Don't allow your life to be completely disrupted once every month.

When you're irritable small things seem big. Don't sweat the small stuff. Keep it in mind that you're really not yourself right now. Don't forget to give people extra grace because you will get annoyed more and easier, let stuff go more than ever when your PMSing.

As mentioned before those close to you like boyfriends, fiances and husbands will experience your wrath. Cute little things he usually does that you find hilarious normally will just dance on you nerve when your PMSing. Give him grace gracefully remind him that you're not there right now and you can't appreciate his gesture at that time. It takes practice but you'll get there. Choose your words and remember it's not what you say it's how you say it. (this goes for everyone in your life)

Let's just be honest, your emotions can't be trusted right now so don't go making an impulse decision for instance: don't paint a room in your house you may hate that color later. Don't dye your hair or cut it differently you may REALLY hate it later. You get my point, no being spontaneous while your PMSing wait a few days until you're back to yourself.

We're trying to get your emotions back in order. None of those sappy love movies, false expectation, crying, making you even MORE emotional junk. Cut off the Nicholas Sparks, the Notebook can wait, NONE OF THAT! Do something more valuable with your time.

This breaks my heart to hear. I use to say this frequently too. I went to a seminar at my school where the speaker pretty much educated young women on the beauty of the menstrual cycle. Menstration reminds us that we are bearers of life and that we give life in a different way than men. Our bodies are vessels and funnels of life, that is nothing to be regretful or ashamed about. Love your femininity and walk in it boldly even when you're bleeding, cranky and having cramps! You're a woman darn it & that's beautiful!!!

p.s: what do's and don'ts would you add to this list?