True Love Waits ... It Really Waits!

At times I feel unworthy of this promise unworthy of this band. As I

look at my left hand on my middle finger the ring stares at me,"waits"

is the word read. At times when I think of my purity I say "great I

don't have sex, I'm still pure" but am I really? Doesn't purity mean
so much more. Am I pure when I'm having conversations with guys that
are everything less and short of God's plan and best for me? Am I pure
when I get dressed? Am I pure when interacting with the opposite sex?
Am I really, truly, honorably, and purely waiting for my true love?
Are you?

I often refer to God's authentic love as a feast while the love that

we often settle for in this world is like Ramen noodles! At times I

find myself settling for the Ramen noodles. I can see the Ramen
noodles, I can touch them, feel them the steam from them even blows in
my face and fogs my glasses. The feast isn't that accessible, at least
that is the lie I believe. The LIE that I believe, not the truth of
God's word. The truth is God's love is SO there and SO real. Even in
my mess and instability with Him God continues to tackle, lavish and
adorn me with His love. The essence of love Himself wants to lavish me
with TRUE love, what is any better than this? Why would I stray?
Why would I fall into the love of another? Maybe I'm not as convinced as I 
think I am, maybe wishful thinking has replaced my faith, maybe ....

This brings me back to my purity. As I sit on this train on my way to
Manhattan writing this I glance over at my hand and see the word again
"waits". See the thing about waiting is that it must be rooted in a
place. Not just sitting on top of or laying around but deeply rooted
in some truth if it intends to stand! If I do not truly believe and
have faith in the lavish love of God compromise is inevitable.

I didn't grow up in the church and I've been a Christian for

about 5 years but I'm seeing how this is much like the relationships

we have on earth. After 5 years being in intimate relationship with
someone things can become mundane, boring. What use to wow you can
become dry and meaningless. We daily need a fresh experience with

It is so easy to get on fire for God, the fire dies, go with the

motion, get on fire again rinse, lather and repeat (lol).  We can't

allow yesterday’s experience with God to carry us through today. It's
great to look back and be amazed by what God has done but it is vital,
super vital for us to seek new experiences with God all of the time.
God promises and gives new mercies every single day, He loves newness.
 He wants a new fresh experience with us all every single day.

Waiting, purity, the love of God. While all separate entities all are

linked and tied together. We live in a society where sex is constantly

being thrown at us, how much can you get and how fast can you get it!
Committing your body, sexuality and even deeper your purity to the
Lord can not just ride on mere will power. Self control is important
but the roots of purity need to dig a bit deeper all the way to the
core of which we are right down to the lavish love of God that sets our
hearts ablaze!

So now true love waits is no longer just a ring although that is

important it is so much more than that. It is a form of worship. I

don't know about you but I love a GOOD worship set. Worship is more
than songs, we say this all of the time. Just like I love a good
worship set and I wouldn't sit still and watch during a worship
service why would I pass up an opportunity to worship Him with my
life? Why have I? ... So now when I'm tempted to respond to a text
message late at night I see it as a form of worship to my Abba when I
turn my phone off and commit and submit those last minutes of that day
to God before sleeping. Now when I'm asked out on a date that I know
God wouldn't approve of I see it as a form of worship. True love
waits, true love worships. Waiting is a form of worship...