Kissing Your Insecurities Goodbye ...

[goodbye insecurities. xoxo, wonderfully made]

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; 
   your works are wonderful
   I know that full well. 
- Psalms 139:14

I look in the mirror and staring back at me are my skinny legs. "My legs are too skinny", I think to myself. Tomorrow is our first really hot day of the year. We are expecting 80 degree weather, what's this mean for me? I can no longer hide behind pants, jeans, leggings, or tights. I have to go out in public with bare legs, I feel so naked just thinking about it. What will people say, who will accuse me of not eating, the thoughts of things said about my weight from Jr.high even rush back to my mind. I find myself taking on the lie of the enemy, taking on his voice and making it my own, standing in agreement with the originator of lies. I try on an outfit that I think is beautiful but the only shoes that make the outfit pop are my nude heels (5.5 inches to add on to my 5'9 height). Okay so not only are my skinny legs going to be exposed but I'm also going to be super tall??? Wait a minute, maybe I should wear something else. I go to friends who will only tell me the truth and they completely affirm me (beauty of community). One of my friends goes on to talk about her legs and I totally affirm her, wait what's wrong with this picture. I just bashed on myself but I can affirm you??? It wasn't until I was alone in my room that I could hear the still, small voice of God. It's time we kiss our insecurities goodbye!!! I've decided that if I ever shrink back because I think about "them" (whoever them is) or I think how a part of my body is gross I will intentionally do that thing on PURPOSE. I refuse to let my insecurities stop me from living a full life in Christ and all that entails; from wearing certain outfits to accomplishing great things. My insecurities aren't the boss, God's truth is and He says I'm wonderfully made. I've kissed my insecurities goodbye, join me?