Pinky Promise Accountability

"As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend."
- Proverbs 27:17

Pinky promise? Remember that? Little girls of every color, race, and social economic status uttered these words from sandbox age. Last week me and my two good friends Riley and Rachael went for a walk to share our hearts, vent our fears and pray for each other. It was one of the best, hardest and most honest talks I've had in a really long time. We all need friends that we can yell to, "I don't trust what God is doing" or "I believe God can work in your life but not in mine" without judgement. Last Wednesday that is what we did and through that honest and open talk we realized something, our community together as sisters requires more than advice here and there but we need to be holding each other accountable. Accountable for foundation things like are we praying and reading our word but also for personal issues like did you go out with a guy who isn't a Christian ya know? So we pulled out our pinkies (clearly I am the brown one lol) and we made a pinky promise, to hold each other accountable, tell each other the truth and to seek God through His word. I encourage all of you ladies out there if you do not already have an accountability partner please pray about one. We were not meant to walk alone. Community and fellowship is about more than just eating together and hanging out it's about helping each other grow closer to God. Will you pinky promise with your sisters?