From Damaged to Free, Loved & His: My Cardboard Testimony

I lead a small group on my college campus and last night the theme was "Her Story". We discussed three main reasons why we don't share our stories. At the end of the group we shared our stories via cardboard testimonies. (if you aren't familiar with cardboard testimonies basically the one side is who you were before Christ and the other side is who you are after Christ)

2 Timothy 1:7
We fear what people may think of us, we fear what they may say and how they might judge. The truth is 'THEY' don't matter. Don't get me wrong people are important and we should love them but we should never put them in the place that belongs to almighty God! God has not given you the spirit of fear. Refuse to allow the enemy to use fear as a muzzle that keeps you silent, preventing you from sharing what God has done in and through your life.

Galatians 1:10
Shame is rooted in what will they think. Shame is the fear of being found out. So what do we do? We keep our secret hidden. We bury them deep down in our pockets and we don't allow anyone to see. Think of a little kid if they have something in their pocket that they are trying to hide you keep bothering them about it right? You want to know what is in there. If they were to come flat out the first time and say look this is what I'm holding you wouldn't keep bothering them. It is the same with the enemy, the more we try to cover out stuff, our hurt, our pain, the more he will use it to make us miserable. Choose to live a vulnerable lifestyle as an open book. Does this mean you pour your guts out to the world? Of course not. But this does mean you live transparently, not being afraid for people to see the real you; flaws, hurt, pain and all, absolutely.

"I Don't Have a Testimony"
Mark 5:19 1 John 5:10
I've met so many young women that grew up in the church and because they've been sheltered they feel as though their story is insignificant. Some even go so far as to say they don't have a testimony. That is a lie from the pit of hell. Your story matters!! So what you haven't had alcohol, drugs, or even a boyfriend. This does not change the fact that God has been good to you!!! Don't allow this lie to muzzle you! Share the good things God has done for and through you!!!

So what's my story???
Damaged (abused, molested, alone, gross, empty & dead) who I was before I made the best decision of my life.

Free, His & Loved is who I am today thanks to Jesus Christ!!!!

Yes indeed, our God is mighty to save!!!

What's your story?
What is stopping you from sharing it?

my prayer is that your Princesses would see how you make all things work together for our good. I pray that they would not allow the chains of fear and shame to hold them captive but that they would walk out their freedom in Christ and tell the world how good you are!!
In Jesus Name Amen!

When you share your secrets with the world, you save another mother's child.
- Amel Larrieux