Retreat Fabulous!

Hey ladies, so I'm going on a retreat this upcoming weekend and I wanted to share my preparations list with you. I am going on this retreat as a leader and it is important to remember it is not about me, it is all about the youth. I plan ahead so that my time can be spent totally on the youth. This particular retreat is a retreat in the mountains during the winter, my list will reflect that :-)

1. Plan your hairstyle -
Ladies, we spend so much time on our hair. Retreat days usually start early and end late so time is off the essence, whatever hairstyle you choose should not take anymore than 5 minutes to do. Forget the flat iron and blow dryer, just leave it home. Something like a cute bun, water fall braid, double strand twist etc, something you can wrap up at night take off the scarf in the morning and GO!!! Remember it is NOT about you this weekend so ditch the Hollywood hairstyles, save it for a night out with the girls.

2. Plan your outfits ahead of time -
I will not act like I'm good at packing because I am not. If I do not plan out my outfits for each day I will over pack and you know what will happen when we over pack, we will just spend more time trying to figure out what to wear in the morning. What does that lead to? us spending more time on ourselves and once again this weekend is not about us. You might not think these little things set your day but they do. When we aim to be selfless even in areas of appearance we set our thinking for the day. So plan an outfit for each day, complete with accessories, jackets and whatever else you need. I would even go so far as to say plan your underwear lol, yup I said it.

3. Warmth, warmth & MORE warmth -
Extra leggings, long johns, thick/wool tights, leg warmers, gloves, hats, scarfs, & undershirts are just a few things you can plan to pack for warmth. I don't know about you but I do NOT like being cold. I always tell people I don't play with the cold, it's not a game out here lol. So bring everything you need to stay warm even through the night. Bringing your favorite blanket might also be a good idea too.

4. Plan something special for your girls -
After a long day of retreat programming you may think your girls are going to want to go straight to bed, YEAH RIGHT! There are teenagers we are talking about. Plan something special for them in the rooms, maybe a spa night, or even a late night tea party if possible. Get with the other leaders, find out who will be in your room/cabin and plan something that will help you guys bond together and end the night with a bang!! (Don't forget to be responsible, it may not be wise to stay up til 4 am if you guys are due to be up at 7, just saying lol)

5. Emergency Kit -
 I came up with an emergency kit list that would be a good idea for every female leader to have handy. Items in this case include your normal first-aid kit items of course but with a twist. Include items like tampons, pads, kotex panty liners, mini deodorants, & any other items of that sort. I just think of being a young girl having the time of my life at a retreat and then drip dop, my period comes, AHHH. Emergency kits will come in handy for sure so talking to your pastor about fitting this into the budget would be a great idea. Not just for this retreat but for future retreats as well as youth group meetings.


Well this is my short list of helpful tips for your retreat planning! It doesn't even need to be said but praying for the leaders and the youth is your number one planning priority. Happy retreating!