Promote Love

Whoever conceals an offense promotes love,
but whoever gossips about it separates friends.
- Proverbs 17:9

We live in a culture that is all about revealing things. When someone hurts you you must tell everyone so that everyone else knows what horrible kind of person he/she is. Beloved, this mindset concerning hurt and offense is NOT Biblical, at all! We are told to conceal offenses which means to cover them. This is the exact expression of walking this life of love as a Christian woman. God says when people hurt you and offend you, do not go telling everyone or even one or two people but cover that person and when you do that you promote love. I have seen this in my own life over and over. When someone hurts and offends you and you choose not to go running your mouth about the person but you repay that person with unconditional love, their heart has NO other choice but to melt. Princess, remember hurt people hurt people. When someone wrongs you that is coming from a place of hurt and if anyone in the world needs our unconditional love most it is those who are hurting. It is real easy to love the people in our lives that love us back and don't step on our toes. God has called us to a higher standard, not because you're so great and you can do it all by yourself but because He has given you the power to love those who wrong you. Think of the times you have wronged, and offended God and what has He done for you? Lavished you with unconditional love, peace, grace, mercy, forgiveness and the list goes on! 

Have you ever had someone tell you that you look just like your daddy! Well people ought to say that same thing about you spiritually. People should see the characteristics of God in us and one of those characteristics of God is unconditional love, UN CONDITIONAL LOVE. No matter what the conditional His love never changes. Ask God to teach you how to love like He has loved you. His lessons may come in form of a trial or test but Beloved, you can pass!

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