For All Eternity

[Me, My Grandma, My Cousin]

Above is a picture of me with my Grandma probably around 1998, yes Grandma was fly with her blonde hair lol. A lot has changed since then and yesterday I visited her at the ICU in the hospital. I can not even begin to explain to you the pain that flooded my heart. As I walked back home from the hospital I felt an overwhelming peace, though there was pain was from seeing someone I love suffer, there was peace. Peace because to be absent with the body is to be present with the Lord. If you have any family members who are also sick and fighting for their health I want to encourage you today to ask God for His peace. My peace came from knowing that on the day when I get that phone call, it will be no tragedy but a glorious homecoming in Heaven. Suffering and pain no more, love and peace will overtake my Grandma forever & ever...

Maybe your family member does not know Christ, visit them and tell them about Him. Even if it's a simple 'I came to say I love you, Jesus loves you and He wants to be with you forever'. Suffering people need to know they are not alone and that someone cares. I would even encourage you to go and say this to them once every single day that you can. Lavish them with love just as your father lavishes you with love.

 1 Samuel 1:13 tells us that Hannah prayed to God in her heart. No sickness can stop your family member from crying out to God in their heart, that is what He wants anyway, He wants a heart change. Begin to pray for their hearts. This is such a rough topic and I understand the pain you are in right now, I too share that pain with you but Beloved rejoice! GOD, Lord of all, God the un-created one, the essence and exact expression of love, GOD the almighty, all powerful, beautiful, glorious one desires to be with YOUR loved one FOREVER. He desires for them to experience His perfect peace and presence for ALL of eternity. If your family member is healed on this side of Heaven, praise God. If you family member goes to be with the Lord, rejoice even more for they are HOME where they belong. 

Beloved, we serve a good God & though life hurts God is so good. God is so good that He takes care of our hearts. Through this season in your life ask God to take care of your heart. I would love to chat with and pray for any of you who are currently going through this. Please email me at