Creating The Best Atmosphere For Healing

He heals the brokenhearted And binds up their wounds.
- Psalms 147:3

A very good friend of mine is on the basketball team at my school, this school year is actually his first year playing. Prior to him being able to play he hurt himself now I'm not sure if it was his ankle or leg but I do know he was injured in a way that required Him to sit out of games. I could tell from the way he spoke about basketball that he wanted so bad to get back in the game, however he knew that in order for him to heal properly he needed to adhere to what the doctors were telling him. He waited, healed and this past semester played his first game & he played very well might I add. 

I was sitting here thinking and God showed me something so amazing! He showed me how this story about my friends healing has so many lessons regarding healing that His daughters (including me) need to know! God desires so much to heal our broken hearts and to set us free from the pain that has been caused in our lives, however sometimes we create atmospheres that make it hard for us to receive what he has. I've come up with a list of some key tips for creating the best atmosphere possible for healing and freedom in your life.

1. Sit out of the game -
Okay so why do we do this ladies? Why do we run to guys when we have a broken heart? Why do we look for fulfillment from people when that's what got us in our situation in the first place? The answer is different for each of us. We truly need to sit out of the game. What do I mean by this? Do not go back to the very thing that hurt you. I am currently in a commitment to healing with God. For the next 30 days I am going to pursue & fall deeper in love with the healer, ultimately receiving healing. How I sit out of the game is by choosing carefully what men I allow in my space. Majority of my issues concerning my heart comes from my relationships with men, so I need to be more wise in this area. Wisdom for me means keeping a distance from men. Does this mean forever? Of course not, but I will not put my fragile heart in any situation that contradicts my healing. This is the number one reasons why females walk around for years with broken hearts. You can't expect your heart to get healed if you keep putting it out there to get stomped on! Let's operate in wisdom ladies.
What does wisdom in this area mean for you?

2. Listen & adhere to the doctor -
God is the great physician. God is the doctor who has NEVER lost a patient. Beloved, trust Him. We need to be sensitive to God's voice & adhere to what He tells us to do. If he tells you to fast from something, DO IT! If He tells you to leave someone alone, DO IT! If He tells you to spend more time in His presence, DO IT! Whatever God tells you to do, do it! Daddy knows best, your Abba wants to see you healed!!! This does not only include individual revelation from God, but this also includes God's written word. The Bible. Obedience is so vital!!! Princess, He has your best interest in mind, trust Him!!

3. Commit to your healing -
There will be days when you don't 'feel' hurt, the initial pain may leave the surface. There will also be days when you don't feel like dealing with the condition of your heart. Princess, press on! We can't be complacent with our emotions. We can not be okay with just doing what feels good. We have got to make a commitment, stick to it, and continue in it even when it does not feel good or important. Your healing is important and if you will not commit to the process with God let's face it, it won't happen. A good idea is to start by committing the next 30 days to healing with God (stay tuned for a blog post on this topic).

4. Seek the healer, not the healing -
This is outside of our example/scenario but it is something I see happen so much and it breaks my heart. God does not want a bunch of healed people who deny Him. God wants people that will seek Him, He wants us to fall in love with Him. We should not want healing more than we want the healer. What I've come to learn is that part of the healing is falling in love with the healer. There is something that takes place in the heart once you encounter the love of God, once you can receive that the father is crazy about you! God's love holds healing power. When you fall in the love with the healer you will never be the same and because you'll never be the same not only will your heart be healed but it will be changed. A changed heart makes decisions reflecting that change. If you've been hurt because guys take advantage of you because your heart is changed from falling in love with the father you'll learn to put God first above what anyone else wants ultimately placing proper boundaries in relationship that help guard your heart. Beloved, seek the healer. Princess, fall in love with you king!


These are a few key tips that we can begin to walk in right now! My prayer for you is that you would not only jump into the process of healing but you will also enjoy the process of healing. Many of my lessons learned came out of a process of healing with God. We focus a lot on the finish product and forget about the process. God is all up in the process just like He is all over the finished product. Make the best of your process!!!