Compromise, Is It Worth Your Peace?

Compromise, a direct enemy of purity. Where purity says, 'I will be set apart, I will honor my God'; compromise whispers, 'Is that really what God says, just a little bit won't hurt'. The most deadly thing about compromise is that it is a detour from the will of God for our lives. Compromise is us choosing into what is NOT God's will for us and whatever is NOT apart of God's will for us IS NOT WORTH IT! We live in a society that is all about doing what feels good in the moment. Princess, live beyond the moment. Live for what is eternal, live for those things that will NOT pass away. Think about it, you don't even have peace! You let this dude talk to you all kinds of disrespectful ways. You go too far sexually and maybe it may feel 'right' at the moment but when you wake up in the morning you're miserable. Is it worth your peace? Is feeling counterfeit love and acceptance that will only last a moment worth the will of God for your life? Your peace is more than a fluffy feeling but it is like a warning signal from God. When you don't have peace about something that is God telling you to turn the other way, He has something better. Don't ignore your peace, trust God He knows best! I know how your heart desires & longs for love. I've been there I know how it feels to hate being lonely. Beloved, loneliness and a desire for deeper love is not a license to run into the arms of a man it is what I call an intimacy indicator. It is God calling you into deeper relationship with Him, It is Him tugging and pulling at your heart. Run to Him! 

A life full of compromise is a life outside of the will of God. A life outside of the will of God is a life that can not glorify God and that is exactly what the enemy of your soul wants. Princess, you have got to remember we are in a fight. Fight the good fight of faith trust God's will and that He knows what is best for you -- this leads to a life of purity. One who trust God's will has no other choice but to be pure.  My prayer for you is that you would hide the word in your heart and that compromise would have NO ground in your life.