Use Your Voice!

"Speak up for the people who have no voice,   for the rights of all the down-and-outers.

Speak out for justice!  Stand up for the poor and destitute!"

- Proverbs 31:8-9

This past semester in my Multicultural America class my Professor began to talk about how many movements throughout history in America were started by college students. My professor went on to pose the question of what would it take us, our generation, you & me to start a movement? We are a generation of so much technology, 'freedom', & 'rights' it is as if we no longer think there is a need to fight, to speak up, to protest or to pursue justice in our society. Am I saying we should be a rebel without a cause? Of course not. Am I saying we should occupy Wall Street? No that's not what I'm speaking of either. I am saying we should be counter cultural rebels for the cause of Christ. I understand that being a rebel usually refers to sinners however everyone is sinning this makes it no longer rebellious to sin. A true rebel is someone who is living for Christ, reading & living their Bible, praying for the hurting & broken, a real rebel speaks up against injustice according to God's standards. Who are the down- and-outers, the poor, the voice-less, the destitute within your reach? Is it bullying in your school? The homeless in your neighborhood? Sex-trafficking in your city? Whatever it is do not sit back and allow oppression & injustice to continue, do something! Begin by praying for that group as a whole that God has put on your heart. Faith without works is dead right? So get up and find a way to be active. Maybe you say, 'I have a heart for the homeless they're so hungry and no one in my city cares, they're lonely and no one wants to speak with them'. Start with you! Buy them some hot soup and when you drop it off to them sit and talk with them and even if they don't talk back tell them you love them and just be with them for a while. Take it even a step further and start speaking up against the injustice, get some people to join you. Do not doubt that you, yes little 'ol one you can start a movement, can change lives, and open the door for justice in an unjust situation. Use your voice, speak up for those who can not.