O.P.I You Don't Know Jacque Knock Off

About a month or so ago I came across this fabulous color with an icky price! If you're like me you like to change your nail polish every week so that the fresh look remains. That means in 2 month this bottle of nail polish would be almost finito! So I searched high and low for a similar color and I found it! Actually I found the exact same color in another brand. Sinful Colors Professional has a color called Nirvana that is an EXACT knock off version of the O.P.I You Don't Know Jacque color above. When I say knock off I don't mean cheap in quality but rather in price. Sinful Colors brand makes great quality nail polishes for fabulous prices. Where O.P.I (which takes FOREVER to dry) is $8.99 the Sinful Colors version is $1.99! Same great color, of course you don't get the O.P.I name on your bottle but WHO CARES?!?!? you get the same amazing color :-). You can find both of these polishes at a Walgreens & DUANEreade near you & online :-)

Here is how Nirvana by Sinful Colors Professionals looks on me: