I'm Currently Reading ...

I am a firm believer that women by nature will invest in themselves. We buy clothes, make-up and all of these other things to make ourselves appear better. I read books by other virtuous young woman to invest in my heart, God sees my heart not my designer clothing or freshly painted nails. If you are not currently reading any books that are helping you become a better you I encourage you to get out there and start looking, there are so many great ones out. I am currently reading the books below.

I can not even express to you how much I love this book by Angie Smith. WOAH, WOW, O-M-G! There is nothing like a book written from someone's heart. This book was without a doubt written directly from Angie Smith's heart. Not many people can talk about fear without sounding condemning and in this book she confronts all of our fears without condemning us. If you know you struggle with fear this is a must read. If you think you do not struggle with fear, you're wrong! This is a must read hahaha.

I am a e-book reader (don't send me any hate mail all of you paper book lovers lol). One of the perks of reading on e-book is the ability to carry a bunch of books with you at one time. I just bought this book today and I am extremely excited about it. This book challenges us to push beyond discontentment and focusing on what we don't have to live fully right where we are! This is a must read for all women, especially those experiencing trials and lost.