Where are your roots planted?

Princess I encourage you today to pray Jeremiah 17:8 over yourself. As soon as I read this scripture I knew it had to be added to my scriptures that I pray over myself. I felt so passionate about this I had to share it with you ladies. I started to mediate on this scripture and what exactly it meant. Like okay this is great and of course I'm going to pray this over myself but what can I do practically? God will always do His part when we pray but we also have to do ours. Jeremiah 17:7 gives direct instruction for what needs to be done on our ends. When we trust in the Lord, when our confidence is indeed in the Lord Jeremiah 17:8 will happen. As I continued to ponder what this scripture was saying The Holy Spirit brought back into my remembrance when my pastor said that water is often symbolic for the word of God in the Bible. After that I did my own research and found two Biblical references where the word of God is compared to water (Ephesians 5:25-26; John 4:14. I'm sure there are others but those were the two I came across). The beginning of Jeremiah 17:8 reads that a tree planted by water sends its root out towards the stream. Beloved, where are your roots planted? Are your roots planed out towards the stream of God's word and wisdom or are your roots planted in the world. Jeremiah 17:5-6 is extremely clear on the road of those who trust in mankind (resources of this world) and it is not good. The scripture reads that this person will dwell in a parched land. It's time to evaluate our lives. How do you spend your time? What are you thinking about? How are you spending your money? These are all questions that will tell us where our roots are planted. Maybe you discover your roots are planted in the world. Repent, turn completely away from that way of living. Receive Abba's forgiveness and get rooted in the word. Maybe your roots are planted in the word well Beloved don't get weary in well doing. Continue to pursue the word harder and harder each day. The life of Jeremiah 17:8 is available to you, where are you going to plant your roots?