No Weapon!!

Recently I've been dealing with my pain. All of my pain, not just the surface easy parts. Me and Abba have been dealing with the parts that make me want to cry like a baby and the experiences that make me want to hide. Today I came across Isaiah 54 where it reads "no weapon formed against you shall prosper". When we experience hurt, pain and especially abuse we tend to feel broken, messy, sometimes even damaged. This is how I've been feeling lately. I often feel too messed up or like there's just too much to dig through. When I read Isaiah 54:17 today God spoke truth directly to my heart. That truth was that all of the abuse and pain I've ever endured was a weapon used to knock me down and His word has confirmed it will NOT prosper. Beloved, the enemy of your soul fights dirty. He will start attacking while you're just a little girl, planting deep roots that can keep a grown woman bound, but remember Jesus told us that anything that God did not plant will be uprooted!!! (Matthew 15:13) You may have been hit with various weapons of pain and abuse but Princess they will NOT prosper. You may be struggling in some areas and dealing with some things but remember Abba has the final say and He says those weapons will not prosper. Your pain does not have the final say. Those roots of shame, hate, insecurity, and heartache that may have been planted from a very young age will be uprooted by God!!! Beloved, this walk isn't passive. This is an aggressive, intentional, violent faith. I know it hurts, trust me I too hurt, but who says you can't hurt, cry and FIGHT at the same time!!! Let this truth sink in deep. You are not too messed up. It isn't too late for you. You have never been and will never be damaged goods. The roots of shame will be uprooted!!! You serve a great and mighty healer. Don't allow self-pity (which is also a weapon, we form this weapon against ourselves. Self-pity is like shooting yourself in the foot) to keep you from your healing. Beloved, No weapon formed against you shall prosper.