Beloved, Guard Your Heart

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.
- Proverbs 4:23

A very familiar scripture, often talked about but not a lot of young ladies understand. In theory they understand that the course of their life comes from their heart so they should guard it. Practically very few young women know what this means. If only we could take our hearts and carry it around in a cage, if only it were that simple lol. Instead guarding your heart looks more like monitoring what we say, who we listen to, what we are putting before our eyes and how we spend our time. 

What you say will come to pass, this is both negative and positive. Your authority is in your mouth. God spoke this very world we live in into existence. If that isn't enough to show you the power of words study the life of Jesus. Everything Jesus did he SPOKE! Ladies, our words are a huge deal. You can't expect to be content single if you keep speaking things like "I need a man" or "i just want to be married". Princess, you will have what you say. So if you keep making these comments complaining about what you need then you will always be in a state of emotional lack because all you write on the tablet of your heart is discontent with your words. What are you saying?

Your ear gate is so important. What you listen to is extreme. The Bible says faith comes by hearing and by hearing the word of God. If faith comes by hearing the word of God shouldn't we conclude that doubt and unbelief come by hearing lies? We can't sit around listening to just any 'ol song or watching any 'ol TV shows. We've got to get selective about what we are allowing to influence us. Words are seeds. Whether it is a negative or positive word it is a seed. This is apparent in the lives of young women that were verbally abused their entire childhood. This is the reason why beautiful women grow up thinking they're worthless and ugly because somewhere along the line someone told them they weren't good enough. That negative word was a seed that was planted in their heart and they nourished it and watered it by believing it and confessing it then guess what? IT GREW UP. Words are powerful. We shouldn't even want to sit around listening to music and shows that are oppose to the word of God, those things honestly shouldn't even appeal to us. When we desire to listen to that kind of stuff knowing it goes against our Abba and what we say we believe then that shows us where we are spiritually. What are you listening to?

You will desire what is put before your eyes constantly. I remember times when I wasn't even hungry and the same commercial of a food place kept coming on and I found myself getting hungry. I was beginning to desire what was constantly being put before my eyes. Think about what you are struggling with. Are you putting those things before your eyes? I actually stopped watching certain movies like romance movies. I love a good love story but those images aren't beneficial to me. I realized how my desires shift after watching 90 minutes of a girl being romanced by the perfect man. I know people that will stay up all night after watching a horror film. They know going into the thing that those images will shape their thinking negatively but they still go see them. That is foolish. That is like handing your heart to a stranger. Guard your heart against fear, and whatever else you may struggle with. What are you putting before your eyes?

This last one is one that God has been dealing with me with in a personal way. I'm learning it's okay to be a bit more reserved. Who I let into my personal space and who I spend time with is a HUGE deal. Even as I look at the life of Jesus, Jesus was quite selective. Although Jesus went to the events and spent time with  people He always had a purpose. Jesus never just hung out. I'm not saying it's not okay for us to relax and have leisure time but I am saying who we relax with is important. When Jesus went to relax He only did so around the disciples or He went to be alone with God. This teaches us a huge lesson. As women we are extremely relational beings. Especially when it comes for intimate relationship that desire in itself isn't negative however we can't just have any 'ol Joe in our intimate private space. If you are willing to have just any 'ol guy spend time with you maybe you should get more intimate, no YOU SHOULD get more intimate with Christ.  It is okay to be selective. Selective doesn't mean rude, stuck-up or proud. Selective means I love everyone but I also know the nature of mankind so I need to have discernment before I let you in. Wisdom is key here. Who are you spending time with?

This whole thing boils down to wisdom and discernment. Your heart is a sacred place beloved, be careful what you allow in.