The Value of The Word

Let's paint this picture. You're walking down the street and you see a random penny. Another person spots the penny as well. You pick it up and keep walking. Done, no problems. Now let's paint this other picture. You're walking down the street and there is a wad of cash. I'm talking stacks of hundred dollar bills. You and a few other people on the street see this money on the ground. You go to pick it up but there is a fight involved. Someone else notices the money as well and they want to take it from you. When you went to pick up that penny who cares the value is so small no one is going to bother going after it. The wad of hundred dollar bills, now that carries large value so reaching for the stack of cash won't be easy like reaching down for the penny. This is the vision I got while in church this past weekend. My pastor was preaching about the word of God and she mentioned Mark 4:17, which says how satan comes to steal the word from our hearts immediately! I started to think and ponder. Satan knows value, he knows a good thing when he sees it and that is what he goes after. The enemy never goes after people or things that don't posses power to destroy him and his kingdom. The penny is symbolic for the meaningless things we chase in this world. They're easy, there's no struggle or fight involved. We just take it. There's also very little value if any. The stack of hundred dollar bills represents The word of God. Think about how much opposition there is to the word. You have people saying it isn't true, the way it was put together was wrong, it has error and all of these other horrible UNTRUE things people say. If what people say isn't enough to keep you from the word well guess what satan comes immediately to steal it from you. As soon as you leave church, or maybe as soon as you finish reading a blog like this immediately the Bible says he comes to steal that word from you. Why? Why is there so much opposition towards the word, why does satan come so quickly to steal it from you? THE WORD IS VALUABLE.

Beloved, you have a very real enemy but you also have a powerful weapon. The word of God is a weapon, that we must use. This walk with God is a war. As soon as you accept Christ you also inherit his enemy. You are in a battle every single day. Think about it if you are in the middle of a fight and you have a sword in your hand and your contender keeps trying to take away your weapon what are you gonna do? HIT 'EM WITH IT! That's what we need to do in the spiritual realm. Don't just tolerate negative thoughts of doubt and unbelief, don't just tolerate mayhem and chaos in your life and family. Pick up your sword and whoop the devil!!!! The word is valuable. The enemy doesn't waste his time on anything or anyone that doesn't posses the power to destroy him or his kingdom. You have a very real weapon, beloved. USE IT!๏ปฟ The word of God is valuable.