Remember to Pray for Your Sisters

Your sisters in Christ need you. Your sisters need a shoulder to cry on, your ear to listen, your presence to just be with them but most importantly they need your prayers. We are instructed in the Word of God to pray for one another.  We are also instructed to carry one anther's burdens (Galatians 6:2). Although this walk is a personal relationship with God you are not an island, this walk is meant to be walked with community. God desires for each of us to have a community in which we belong. In that community we should support, uplift, and intercede for those with us. Who is apart of your community? Think of the sisters in Christ, even the sisters that you think may be super Christians need your prayers. When you pray you aren't just speaking to the sky or talking to yourself, your prayers are powerful and effective, they have great power as they are working. You may not know all of the intricate details of someones life nor do you need to know all of that to pray for them. This is simply a reminder that your sisters around the world and even more closely your sisters apart of your spiritual community need you to pray for them just as you need them to pray for you. Never  underestimate the power of your prayers.

There are so many ways to get creative about praying for your sisters. These ideas are also great events to invite non-believers to as well. One really cool way is to host a prayer party. You can host a prayer tea party right in your living room, where you guys intercede for each other and prayer request are made over tea. You can host a intercession night where you worship and pray. My most favorite idea is a prayer craft night. Each woman goes around and says what they need prayer for. Each person is given a prayer partner. This is a basic craft night but the spin is that you are crafting some kind of creative picture or card that has a written prayer on it concerning your prayer partners need. You give it to them at the end of the night and they can take it home and see that prayer, maybe hang it on their fridge or in their bedroom. There are so many ways to get together with your sisters and pray! Happy Prayer Partying & remember daily to pray for your sisters.