Love, Your King Who Will Never Leave You Alone

Loneliness is an illusion. I know you may think this is cliche and religious jargon but this TRUTH prevails, I am always with you. I know how you long for the embrace of people and the company of others. Princess, be reminded that my embrace and my company satisfies. One day with me is better than a thousand else where. In my presence there is fullness of joy and at my right hand pleasures eternally. What this world has to offer is no comparison to all I want to freely give to you, my beloved daughter. I see you as you wait by the phone for others to call and respond to your text messages. I know the thoughts you have and all that makes your heart come alive. I am there when you cry. There is not a moment in your life that I have missed out on. In this world you are taught to believe what you see. You are taught to give first place to what is visible. Princess, the things unseen are eternal what you see will pass away. Although you can not visibly see me there are so many ways I can and desire to reveal myself to you, ask me. Loneliness is an illusion because I have never left you alone. I have always been here and will always be here. Embrace me, I will make you whole. Talk to me, I will listen. Spend time with me, I satisfy. Child of mine, I have everything your heart desires and needs. I value your freedom to choose and will never force myself upon you. I've given you the dignity to choose me. Beloved, life and death are set before you everyday. You can choose to walk with me or be separated from me. Choose me, choose life. Even when your feelings say otherwise remember the truth. I am always with you. Loneliness is an illusion because I have never left you and I understand. In your moments of loneliness I am there waiting for your embrace, choose me.

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