Audience of One

I believe one of the reasons why people get frustrated and want to give up is because of wrong motives and misplaced expectation. People will let us down, let's make peace with that. I'm not saying expect for people to hurt us but remember what the Bible says, "But Jesus would not entrust himself to them, for he knew the nature of all men" - John 2:24. Let's be completely real, you hurt people, you let people down, you aren't perfect so why do we expect others to be super humans? Humans are imperfect however God NEVER fails. It is impossible for God to fail, that is why we ought to do all things unto Him. You go to your job early, and leave late not so you can appear to be professional, or get noticed but because you know your Abba wants you to be a diligent worker. When you operate that way always thinking about pleasing God you won't get angry if you're looked over, keep in mind in due season promotion, and recognition will happen.๏ปฟ When you love simply because God is love and you show compassion simply out of love for God you won't get angry when people treat you unfairly because remember you're only performing for an audience of one, and God never stops watching. Princess, I encourage you to perform for an audience of one, the only & only God. He never overlooks, lets down, or fails. Today evaluate your audience, who are you living for, who are you performing for?. Make the necessary adjustments to make sure you do all things unto the Lord (don't worry I'm taking my own advice lol). Remember God is always taking note of the good you do and will honor those who honor Him (1 Samuel 2:30)