Trusting God: God is not a man.

God is not man, one given to lies, and not a son of man changing his mind. Does he speak and not do what he says? Does he promise and not come through?
- Numbers 23:19 (The Message Translation)

God, the relentless, all powerful, all consuming fire, LOVE HIMSELF, the magnificent, amazing, all knowing, Abba, your everything; He is not a man. He is not a man that He will let you down. He is not a man that He will make promises and won't come through. Everything He speaks comes to fruition and Beloved He has spoken many promises over you.

This very truth has helped water my relationship with God; I see our relationship growing in new ways.๏ปฟ I've experienced so many disappointment and let down by people in my life, sometimes I think God will be the same way. That is a lie from the enemy of your soul. The enemy wants God's daughters to believe that God will be just like the rest. This is just not true. There is no one like our God. When we look through Biblical history women have played such an amazing role in God's redemptive plan for humanity. From Deborah to Esther to Mary (Jesus' Mother) they all have one thing in common, they had to trust God. None of these women were in easy situation, trusting God for them meant risking it all and it may mean that for you too. You are called to be apart of God's redemptive plan for humanity. There are people out there that YOU are called to reach but first you must trust God with your life and all the circumstances in it. Fall head first into His love. The Bible says, "Then the LORD said to me, "Right. I am watching to make sure that my words come true." (Jer. 1:12) God is so trustworthy. He is diligently making sure that what He says HAPPENS! You can trust Him with your everything

You might have been disappointed, let down, hurt, abused, abandoned, lied to, stolen from, violated, taken for granted, hated, pushed away, or any other horrible thing but Beloved, your Abba is not in the business of doing any of those things. The Bible tells us to lean not on our own understanding but to acknowledge God in all of our ways. Our own understanding includes what we understand to be true about God, life, people, our past experiences, fear and etc.

Take back the ground in your mind!! What do I mean? RENEW YOUR MIND (Romans 12:2). Take back that stolen ground from the enemy. He has no right to the space in your mind. We've allowed lies to rent space in our minds and hearts for far too long. Beloved Princess of the Most High King, BE FREE today. Freedom is here today right where you are. CHOOSE to say to your feelings "hey guess what you don't matter today we're gonna trust God based on His word". CHOOSE to say to your past hurts and fear, "you happened, it's over and now we are moving forward. We are going to start our new beginning in the word from this day forward".

The beauty about this journey with God is that He understands. God understands your fragile heart and knows everything you've been through. He doesn't ask you to do this in your own strength. He wants us to be fully dependent on Him. You are not alone and you don't have to be strong on your own. Ask Him to fill you with HIS vast strength.

My prayer for you today is that you would not only know the truth but continue in the truth, then you will be set free. I pray that you would desire to know God on such a deep intimate level that lies wouldn't stand a chance against your mind, that your mind would be anchored in the word and the word would be the ONLY stronghold in your life. In Jesus Name, Amen. All is well Beloved, All is well.