Tea Time Thoughts - June 26, 2011

The righteous are as bold as a lion.
- Proverbs 28:1

I've recently been letting my inner fighter out. For so long in my life I've tolerated so much. I've tolerated depression, self-pity, insecurity, lies from the enemy and so many other emotions and spirits that are NOT of God! God has been dealing with me about this. Christianity is not passive. Being a virtuous women, being a daughter of the most high king isn't just going with the motions. You've been given authority. You are bold. You are a mighty warrior. The Lord is with you. There is a fighter inside of you waiting to be unleashed. There is a warrior lying dorment inside of you, but what is a warrior without a sword? The sword of the spirit, the word, we've got to know our word. I say this in almost every post and I will continue to say it we got to read our Bibles, we got to! When Jesus was tempted by the devil He only responded with as it was written. You too need to have some as it was written. So the next time depression tries to creep in you get fed up. You face your giant. You take authority and you speak to that spirit in the name of Jesus and you tell it to GO! You bind it up. If it's depression or self-pity bind it up and loose the joy of the Lord. If insecurity tries to seep on in you force yourself to get in the word and read what God says about you. You can do it!!! Princess, you are as bold as lion; walk BOLDLY!!

Scripture reference: Judges 6:12; Matthew 11:12; Luke 10:19; Hebrews 4:12; Ephesians 6:17; Like 4; Matthew 6:19