Good Morning Lovely: May 19, 2011 - NO Looking Back!

But Jesus said to him, "No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God."
Luke 9:62

Okay, let's set the scene a bit. Jesus told a man to follow Him and the man said to Jesus, I will follow you Lord, but first let me say goodbye to those at my house and Jesus replied with the scripture above. When we become Christians we say to God I am going to follow you. Whether we are committed to that or not that is what being a Christian women entails. We can not call ourselves princesses, daughters of the king, or virtuous women if we don't want to follow Him and His way. Yahweh before our way. If only it was that simple. If only we could pick up our light cross, wear it as an accessory and never look back. Although picking up our heavy cross and never looking back is not easy it is possible. When we come to Christ most of us have a boatload of issues and a lot of "stuff" we haven't yet said farewell to. When we accept Christ into our lives and begin walking with Him, that right there is our very farewell to our old life. Changing our lifestyle and pressing forward to those things that are ahead are the way we say goodbye to our past life. We aren't missing out on anything, and looking back never brings closure. Princess, today I encourage you to pick up your cross, leave those things that are behind you, press forward, and remember that you ARE a NEW creature in Christ! Your past life has nothing for you but the life ahead of you in Christ is full of so much abundance and is better than anything you can imagine. CHOOSE today to leave the past in the past and continue to follow your king.

My prayer for you today comes out of Philippians 3:12-13. Not that you have already reached the goal or are already fully mature, but I pray that you make every effort to take hold of it because you have also been taken hold of by Christ Jesus. I pray that you would forget what is behind and reach forward to what is ahead. Being reminded that your new life is better than anything you left behind. In Jesus Name I prayer, amen.

Good Morning Lovely & Enjoy Your Fabulous Day!!