Good Morning Lovely: March 16, 2011

Indeed, our lives are guided by faith, not by sight.
- 2 Corinthians 5:7

Many of times in life we allow our situations to define us. We too often forget that God's word is ALWAYS true. Let's be serious, it is hard to believe you were made with care and you're worth more than rubies and pearls when your boyfriend is talking to you like dirt. It is hard to believe you are a royal priesthood chosen by God when you can't pay your bills. It's even harder to believe God loves you when people constantly reject you and you feel alone. Beloved, walk by faith not by sight. Although your situation and circumstance might say one thing the word of God declares the truth about you and who you are. God's truth does not change. God is the same God today that he was 2000 years ago and He doesn't plan on changing. Walking by faith means that we believe and walk in what God says about us even when our circumstances scream otherwise. When God said what he said about you he knew everything that would ever happene to you. God knew every experience we would have to encounter and he STILL said what he said about you knowing it all. God isn't up in Heaven like "dang Jesus man I shouldn't have said that about her look what happened, look what she did", that is not who God is and we got to get that picture of Him out of our minds. Beloved Precious Princess of the most high king, walk today by faith, trusting in Abba's truth alone.

My prayer for you today is that you would forsake the lies of the enemy and you would cling to the truth about who you are. That you would desire His word so that you may learn about who you are in Him alone.

Good Morning Lovely & Enjoy your fabulous day!