xoxo Chantal - Word of exhortation from your sister.

Beautiful & Precious Sister,
Did you know you are precious in the King's sight? The God who created this world and all of the fullness thereof is the same God who hand crafted you. The same God who tells the ocean where to stop and placed the moon in the sky is the same God who knit you together in your mothers womb. He delights in YOU with shouts of joy & gladness. Abba sings over you, Beloved. Yes, messed up flawed you He sings over you. Everything you ever needed now or will ever need is found in Jesus. Run to Him relentlessly. Deception is the twisted truth and many of us have been deceived. When you are lonely, sad, or just yearning for love a man, trip to the mall, or even a crowd of friends aren't the solution. Allow God to fill every empty space inside of you. Seek first the kingdom of God. You are loved, you are loved beyond measure. You are so valuable, your worth goes beyond any monetary value. Everything you need is found in your king. Walk in your worth knowing you are loved seeking your king always.
your sister

Scripture Reference:
Isaiah 43:4
Psalms 139
Zephaniah 3:17
Luke 15:10
Matthew 6:33