Naturalosity: Mayo w/ Olive Oil Regimen

**All regimens posted are recommended for non-chemically treated hair only.

Yes that is Mayo & yes I am about to tell you to put that in your hair. Lol. When I first heard of this regimen I was like say what?!?! This regimen is so legit ladies I had to post it. Basically you take the mayo (with olive oil ONLY) and you put it in your hair just like you would put in a deep conditioner treatment. Don't put too much mayo on your hair because you don't want oily or greasy hair. After the mayo is in your hair you want to leave it in for around 30 minutes. The longer the better. Let me warn you it doesn't smell all that great but girl when you wash it out your hair will feel amazing. Mayo also gives your hair a natural shine. So drop those $30 deep conditioners and get with this Mayo!!! :-)