Virtue Gems v: 1.2 - What Are You Carrying?

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.
- John 14:27

This is not a new years resolution challenge but this is a daily challenge. A challenge to walk in throughout this new year we are about to go into. I use to think letting go was something you do when you get really hurt or when "huge" events take place. I have learned and am currently learning letting go should happen daily. So many things come at us throughout the day and it is so easy to hold on to things. We hold on to hurt, agitation, pain, un-forgiveness, anger and a load of many other things. When is the last time you held on to your peace? What are you carrying?

Accept the responsibility. In John 14:27 Jesus tells us to let not our hearts be troubled. We have to quit being so passive with what we allow to move and affect us. You have a choice in every situation, choose peace regardless of how hard it might be. What have you allowed to trouble your heart? What are you carrying?

Regret, pain, hurt, agitation, trauma, or whatever else you are carrying that burdens you, Beloved, it is too heavy for you. You were not created to carry the heaviness of this life. Many wonder why they are stressed, depressed, oppressed, and just plain 'ol fed up with life. It is because they are malfunctioning. Imagine putting a 100 lb. bag on a surface that wasn't created to carry anything over 10 lbs. that is how we are when we try to handle our own circumstances by worrying, walking in un-forgiveness, regretting the past and etc. Princess, drop your baggage and cast your cares on Him, He cares for you. Beloved, let it go ...

I pray that as we go into this new year not only will you pursue peace but you will let not your heart be troubled. I pray that you would be rooted and grounded in love. That you would stand on the solid rock so that when the attacks come your way you will be still knowing He is God, resting in utter peace. I declare that 2011 will be a year of peace. Regardless of whatever might happen or come my way I decree YOU my dear will have peace and joy in everything. I lift up everything that troubles your heart whatever pain, or regret whatever heartache or trauma I pray that you would run into the arms of the healer and allow Him to heal and restore your life. Beloved, you are blessed regardless of what it looks or feels like. Walk into 2011 with the truth of His word rejecting everything else that contradicts. I love you and happy new years.