Journal Entry 1.6

For in Christ lives all the fullness of God in a human body.
So you also are complete through your union with Christ, who is the head over every ruler and authority.
- Colossians 2:10

As woman we have this yearning and desire to be loved. We want to know we are beautiful. We need to know someone somewhere thinks we are amazing. Our number one need is security and that in itself isn't wrong. Where you go for that security is what is right or wrong. Our need to be complete is a God sized void. Only God is the perfect fit for that missing part inside of us. That part was created just for Him and only Christ can fill that void. The deception is that is you are lonely, feeling like something is missing, or even feeling empty that men are the only cure. When the truth is trying to be complete in a man is like trying to fit a square in a circle shaped hole. It just won't work.

Colossians 2:10 has been my recent meditation scripture and it is just amazing how my focus and desires have turned to Christ. The Bible declares in Proverbs that life and death are in the power of the tongue. What we speak matters ladies. So what are you saying? Speak life over yourself. Life is the truth of God's word. So when you feel like you are empty and lonely open your mouth and declare you are complete in Christ. When you get thoughts trying to tempt you back into unhealthy relationships open up your mouth and say I am complete in Christ. Beloved, You are complete in Christ. Your husband will not complete you but he will compliment you. Your life is the cake and your husband is the cherry on top he does not make up the cake, however he does add a certain touch to it.

I am a testimony of what confessing the word over yourself can do. I've watched my focus change completely. My focus is more geared towards God and simply loving on Him. I'm not always worrying about this guy or the next but rather enjoying moment by moment with my king. This completeness in Christ has an impact on every area of life. I feel better about myself. When I look in the mirror I smile because I know where my identity lies. I know that who I am and the way I look has been designed by God and I should embrace every bit of it. This same fullness is available to you. I am not saying this to boast about my progress but rather so you can know I preach what I practice and it WORKS!

I challenge you to confess Col. 2:9-10 over yourself daily!!
Always remember consistency is key. Stay consistence with God's word walking out what you confess.

I share my experiences with you because God is NO respecter of persons if He did it for me He can do it for you so trust your daddy you're His Princess and He wants to enhance your throne!!!

- xoxo,
Chantal (your sister)

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