Journal Entry 1.5

 To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.
- Ecclesiastes 3:1

The little girl ran off in excitement after hearing the news that her and her daddy were going to Disney Land. She begun to pack, and plan all the fun things they would do in the place she'd long to go for years. She could just imagine taking pictures and walking the Disney Land streets with the Disney Princesses. Through all her preparation she didn't even stop to talk to her dad about his plans, her plans were higher in her mind. After hours of preparation she ran to her daddy's office with her bags in her hand and shouted loud "I'm ready for Disney Land". He laughed and told her to come sit on his lap. "Princess we aren't going to Disney Land today". The young girl started to cry "but daddy you promised we would go". He smiled and replied "Yes I did promise you and Yes we are going to Disney Land but you never asked me when you ran off in excitement. I am working everything out for us to go at the perfect time. If we went now things aren't going to be the way I want them to be for you. You do know I want the best for you right?" "Yes", she replied sadly. "Do you trust me", he asked her. "Of course I do daddy", she said with confidence. "Okay so trust that I am working everything out for you. When we go everything will be in place that way you can stay in a nice pretty room, and we can buy whatever you want and ride all of the rides". The little girl hopped off of her daddy's lap, smiled, then gave him a hug saying "I love you daddy" and then ran off to play. She didn't think about Disney Land again because she knew what her daddy said was true. The young girl went back to play peacefully knowing that when everything was ready she would go to Disney Land.

My life is very similar to the young girl in the story above. Recently God promised me I would go study art abraod in Italy. Studying art anywhere is a dream come true studying art in Italy would completely blow my mind. In my excitement I never spoke to God about it after Him speaking that beautiful promise to me. I simply planned and dreamed ignoring God. When the time came for tickets to be purchased the finances didn't come through. I was completely shocked because money has never stopped anything that God has wanted for me. My first reaction was disappointment, sadness, and feeling completely let down. I spoke to my mom about it and she reminded me of God's perfect timing. Although I didn't want to hear it I knew it was true. Through all of my planning and dreaming I exalted my own timing and thoughts above God's and never once asked Him about anything. I've learned by now there is no sense in running from God so in my pain I rain directly into His arms and He reminded me of Ecclesiastes 3:1. I immediately repented and realized every area I was wrong. God then comforted me with truth saying "This is not no. This is not yet". Since that day I haven't questioned or worried about Italy. In HIS timing not mine but His timing I know I will study my favorite subject in Venice, Italy. I walk in peace resting in His truth and love. I challenge you to do the same thing. God's timing is for our benefit, He knows some things that we don't. You have no idea what He has for us in the future. Trust Him Abba knows best.
I share my experiences with you because God is NO respecter of persons if He did it for me He can do it for you so trust your daddy you're His Princess and He wants to enhance your throne!!!

- xoxo

Chantal (your sister)