Virtue Gems v: 0.9 - Your Beauty His Focus. What Is Your Focus?

Throughout my discoveries and time spent alone with my Abba I am
learning that God often speaks through His creations. He speaks through prophets,
singers, pastors, and even artist. God also speaks through nature. As the season
changes the artist in me looks for the beauty in all things. Even in rough situations 
it is naturally in me as God created me to find the beauty in all things. As summer says 
goodbye and fall gently says hello we all notice the changes. The temperature drops. The leaves begin to fall and change colors. I for one love the way nature communicates the change of the seasons. I often pick up leaves in the fall and use them for crafting projects, decoration, and simply for observational purposes. A few weeks ago I picked up a really huge and beautiful leaf but the thing about this leaf is that it wasn't perfect. This leaf was scarred, limp, and even had an uneven color tone yet it was beautiful. I found myself intrigued with the beauty of such a flawed piece of creation. The Holy Spirit immediately begin to speak to me and remind me of God's love. We are so flawed, we are scarred, we've been hurt, abused, weakened and yet God looks upon us and sees beauty. The same way I looked at the leaf as a whole and found beauty in it God looks upon you His precious bride. When God looks at you yes He is well aware of your flaws and weaknesses but He isn't focused on that. He sees your beauty, he sees his beautiful creation made in His image to glorify Him. He sees the purpose in which you were created. Flaws and all the King looks upon you. Yes, flawed you and He sees a precious beloved valued princess. 

The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your Lord.
- Psalms 45:11

Enthralled is defined as captive and filled with wonder and delight. Princess, the king of kings who created this earth with billions of people looks at you and is held captive by your beauty! How freeing is that to know that the all knowing God focuses on our beauty and not on our flaws. Why should we then focus on our flaws. God doesn't! This lets us know we've got to change our focus. When you mess up don't beat yourself up. Repent and press forward. Paul tells us to let go of all those things that lie behind. Our flaws tend to turn our focus back to what we've done before instead of pressing towards the future and declaring all the things we CAN do. Princess, you are not alone. God knows you are flawed and He promised to never leave you nor forsake you. You are not doing this by yourself. You have an unseen partner working in and through you to get the job done. Today I encourage you as your sister and as someone who loves you to begin to ask God to show you how to see yourself. Look up scriptures that affirm how God sees you. Faith comes by hearing and by hearing the word of God. As you meditate on those scriptures you will begin to develop faith in how God sees you and even begin to see yourself that way as well.

The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.
- Proverbs 18:21

When we believe and say negative things about ourselves we think death which is separation from the father. God desires for us to be in one mind with Him. He wants His thoughts to be our thoughts. God doesn't ponder how worthless you are but he rejoices over you with gladness. God is never sitting up in Heaven telling the angels how much you mess up but He sings over you. God gives us the power to speak things into existence according to His word and will. So decide today will you speak His truth? or will you continue to doubt yourself. CHOOSE HIS TRUTH. SPEAK HIS TRUTH & REAP THE FRUIT OF HIS TRUTH.

- Love,
Your Sister