Virtue Gems v: 0.6 - Be Who You Were Created To Be

Today during my personal time with God for the first time in my life I accepted who I was created to be. This same acceptance is available to you. I’ve accepted the perceptions & expectations that other people placed onto me but I never accepted who God created me to be. As I was journaling I came to the realization that labels played a huge part in accepting who God made me to be. Sometimes we even talk ourselves into being something we’re not because we don’t want to be so different that it causes attention and we don’t want people to think certain things. Today I challenge you. I challenge you to think of yourself in your most natural form. When no one else is around what are you like? What do you do? If no one ever said anything bad about you how would you dress? What hobbies would you have? So what you don’t fit into the labels of this world. I always say the people who make these definitions of beauty and those who create these labels are just another creation! A creation can’t exalt itself above the creator and start calling the shots. We need to be able to tell the difference between what man says apart from what God says. Man says women should wear heels and make-up however maybe God has called you into sports (they have sports ministry now by the way). My basic point is be who YOU were CREATED to be and NOTHING else!!! As I was journaling today I listened to “I Surrender All” on replay over and over. I realized today I had to surrender my security. That false sense of security we get out of being who they want us to be rather than rocking the boat a little. You know sometimes you have to rock the boat before you can have smooth sails. I heard God give me specific instruction on who and what I am suppose to be and then He said these words “let me take care of your heart”. When you walk in who God has made you to be God will take care of you. Beloved, Abba is holding your heart. You are never alone God is always right with you, holding your hand with all of Heaven cheering you on. Princess, you don’t need any labels! Regardless of their stares and the comments that might come even from other brothers and sisters in Christ make the decision today to get started on the path in being who you were designed to become.
-          xoxo,
-          Your Sister