BeVirtue: Spiritual Growth - Are You Signing For the Wrong Packages?

[Love] does not act improperly; is not selfish.
[Love] is not provoked; does not keep a record
of wrongs.
- 1 Corinthians 13:5 (ESV)

The Basics:

As we know selfishness is an intense regard to ones own self. Selfishness always screams, cries, and whines what about me & to provoke someone basically is pushing them to the limit, causing a person to be angry or aggravated. 

Your Love Walk:

There are only two things that Jesus commands us to do because He says under those two laws everything hangs. He tells us first to love God and then He tells us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. This love I am talking about isn't this worldly emotional love that says "I'll love you as long as you don't hurt me". The love I'm talking about is a supernatural type of love. This love requires us to tap into the power that lies within us through The Holy Spirit and says "I'm going to love you NO MATTER what you do". God calls us to an unconditional love walk.

God desires us for us to be rooted and grounded in love. Get an image of a flower growing and then imagine the roots. Just as a flower has its roots planted in the ground and it causes it to grow God wants our roots to be planted in love so that we can grow rooted and grounded in love developing in His unconditional love. The bible tells us that God is love so that means where ever you see the word love in the bible you can replace it with God and vice versa. So if you are struggling wondering how to be rooted and grounded in love remember it is the same thing as being rooted and grounded in God. God doesn't have love HE IS LOVE. Spend time with God himself. When you hang out with a friend long enough you will start to develop their mannerisms and ways. This same principal it true with God. You are the company you keep. The more time you spend with God the more you will become like Him. Some of us need to stop hanging out with our rude, mean unproductive men crazy friends and start spending more time with God.

I won't sit here and paint this butterfly candy land picture whatsoever. Walking in love is hard but you already know that either because you don't do it because it's hard or because you are developing in it. Where ever you are in life we must all make a daily decision to walk in love. Once you accept Jesus into your life The Holy Spirit moves in on the inside of you and it is He who gives us the power to love unconditionally even those who hurt us. It isn't that we aren't capable of loving unconditionally it is that we haven't been even begin to develop in it. Choose today to spend time with Love himself and develop into the unconditional loving virtuous Princess He created you to be. Don't do love BeLove!

Hurt & Offense: The Basics

This is hard to hear and no one wants to admit it but both hurt and offense are rooted in selfishness. These two experiences and emotions are designed to make you take the focus off of love and say "what about me"

Hurt & Offense: The Breakdown

This summer has been super challenging for me and God has been teaching me so much and developing me rapidly in unconditional love. During this time of developing with God He allowed me to see that hurt and offense is a choice. Hurt and offense are two packages that you don't have to sign for when they are attempted to be delivered to you. When hurt tries to sneak on it it should immediately meet your intense unconditional love. 
Hurt and offense say what about me. Love says what can I do for you. Hurt and offense are selfish. Love is selfless. One thing we need to keep in mind everyday is that hurt people hurt people. Many people and sadly Christian women are walking in hurt and offense rather than love. I can only give you what I have inside. If I'm full of hurt and regret and all those other negative feelings that is exactly what I'm going to give you, but if I'm full of love, joy and peace that is what I am going to shower you with. QUIT signing the package of hurt and offense. I'll even go so far as to say you don't have time to be offended and hurt and focusing on every little thing someone has done to you. God created you with purpose and for great works! The time spent replaying in your head what your co-worker said behind your back or what a relative said when you were four that hurt you could be used hearing from God or thanking God for all of His goodness. Hurt and offense are big selfish time consumers. Again I say quit signing that package. Love is so powerful. Love is healing in itself.  Think about how God's love healed you. God is calling you to a higher level of living. A level of living that rejects distractions and tactics of the enemy and commits oneself to walking in unconditional love no matter what happens!!

Keep in mind I am NOT saying stuff your emotions. I am saying love conquerors all! Choose to love on the person who tries to hurt and offend you and see what happens. Love softens the heart & can change situations & circumstances. Love is the most powerful thing in this world!

The Hurt Files:

Some of us have a file cabinet in our heart that I refer to as the hurt files. Every person we know has a folder inside of this cabinet & every time they do something we don't like we just add it to their file. STOP! STOP! STOP! Honey you are only hurting yourself. You are walking around carrying poison and the person 9 times out of 10 doesn't even know they hurt you. Someone at church brushed you off and instead of talking to them in love telling them that you felt brushed off you hold it inside and it builds up! If you would have talked to them you would have found out that they were in a rush and they would have loved to talk to you another time. Empty out the hurt files and burn the cabinet! Remember our foundation scripture says "love keeps no records of wrongs". If you want to walk in this unconditional love and be all that God created you to be then you need to deal with your hurt files and get rid of the cabinet. Sometimes you can't talk to the person that hurt you because things might only get worst and sometimes the person isn't even a brother or sister in Christ so how do you respond? Unconditional love. Unconditional love is the answer to every offense and hurt. Keep in mind if you study the life and ministry of Jesus you'll see he always responded in unconditional love. I always say 'Jesus wasn't on the cross complaining'. He was on the cross forgiving people! To the world this may look weak and dumb but remember what the bible tells us His ways is not our ways and our ways are not His ways. The bible also tells us that there is a way that we think is right but it is actually wrong! You might have you own way of handling your feelings and you might think you can do it your way but God makes it clear His ways are higher! Beloved, I will always remind you that it is a choice but I will always tug at your heart and remind you to choose LIFE. The only way to life is God's way!

Guard Your Heart:

As females God created us emotional and relational creatures. Eve was created in the context of relationship. As soon as she was created she was put right into relationship with Adam. There is nothing wrong with your want and need for relationships with people and your desire for intimacy. Princess, some people are just plain ol' unhealthy! Part of guarding our hearts means knowing who to hang out with. Some people are just not good for you to be around. This doesn't mean you should be rude and nasty to them. Continue to love them unconditionally and continue to be polite however you don't have to hang out with people who are unhealthy. God wants you to have friends who will nourish your growth not hinder it. This isn't for people who are married or anything like that but sometimes we have family members and friends in our lives who keep handing off these packages of hurt and offense all of the time. Again I will say QUIT signing the package don't take that in.

Now Go & Grow:

Decisions, decisions. We can choose to go and grow or we can be mediocre and go with every wave of our emotion signing every package that is delivered to us OR you can be a supernatural virtuous unconditional loving princess who walks in fullness, joy & peace because she is rooted and grounded in love. Beloved, choose life!

I am blessed to be a blessing and share all that God has revealed to me with you.
With Love,
Xo Chantal
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