Virtue Gems v: 0.4 - Have you lost your muchness?

If you haven't seen this movie before you are probably like what?!? Let me explain what is going on here. Alice has been called to slay a dragon so that the white queen (represents good) could get her crown back from the red queen (represents evil). At the beginning of the clip Alice says to the Mad Hatter she doesn't slay, he then goes on to tell her she lost her muchness and points to her heart telling her something is missing in there.

Let me start off by saying I could dissect and discuss so many parts of this movie but for some reason this part stood out to me. As I watched this clip I realized so many parts of my life where I lost my "muchness". If you are still lost let's replace the word muchness with the word zeal. Your zeal is your passion, your drive, motivation that juice that makes you YOU! Today I want to encourage you to pray about and thoroughly evaluate your life. Think about what sets you on fire and makes you come alive. Is it art, music, dance, photography, or maybe it's simply helping people. For some of you you might have trouble being yourself and you often hold back. Maybe you're that girl that everyone thinks is shy but on the inside your are a bombshell waiting to be cracked open!

God created you to be uniquely you for a reason. Psalms 139 talks about how we were formed in our mothers womb and how God molded us together. Princess God created you to be a big bright light true and unique to who you really are! I encourage you to stop letting insecurities, doubt, fear and any other thing be the finger that constantly dims your light. Beloved, shine bright.

Practical Steps:

Take some good ole' me time and evaluate your life.
Sit and think about your life. Talk to the Holy Spirit. Be completely real he knows all things anyway. Be real with yourself. You can't fool the Holy Spirit and you can't fool yourself either. Be honest about where you are right now. If you are afraid say that! If you are aren't motivated express that. Be real with where you are and work towards change.
 Make a list!
List not only show us whats in our hearts but also make us think and evaluate. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to shine light on the dim areas of your life. List those areas where you stopped shinning, and where you need to shine more. It is never okay to just look at what we don't do but we have to look at where we need work as well as where we are excelling together for proper balance.  

Ask yourself those tough questions!!
Why'd you stop dreaming? Why'd you never go after those dreams? Ask yourself those hard tough questions. What's stopping you? If you had no fear and no limits what would you do? These questions help us realize that most of the time we are the only ones stopping us!!

4. Pray
After you have a better idea of where you are at pray and ask God for direction. He could possibly have a plan and a future for you in those fields that set you on fire! Our passions and dreams are there for a reason. There are many ways to use them, however God knows the proper function for you because he created you and put that skill there. Seek God's direction. Remember Daddy Knows Best!!

You love to paint but you are always busy helping other people take a day just an hour or two at least and go paint!!!
You love to write but you're always busy at work ... wake up early one morning go down to a pier or park and WRITE!!!
We have got to stop making excuses and get our muchness (or zeal lol) back!!!
Maybe for you you're muchness isn't an skill or dream but it could be boldness and courageous. There was a time when you were unstoppable but something happen and you lost it. Princess, it is never too late to get it back!!! Pray and ask God to help you in that area. Meditate on scriptures that talk about being courageous and strong (Joshua is an excellent book in the bible to start, The David and Goliath story in the bible is also an amazing read)
You can do it!! Beloved, all of Heaven is on your side cheering you on waiting for you to not only finish strong but shine brightly!!!

P.S.: God has called you to do great things for His kingdom. We all have a calling on our life and it requires the muchness that God has placed inside of us. What is your heart missing? Is it courage, strength, boldness, dilligence? Whatever it is remember you are not alone God is holding your hand together you guys are unstoppable!! Go get your muchness back Princess & prepare to shine!!!!

Your Sister Chantal