Journal Entry 1.2

It's not all about ME! It's not all about YOU! We say this and we know this but it is a completely different ball game when you get a revelation on such a simple fact. Recently in my life I have been going through various uncontrollable changes. The changes that took place in my life were either changes I had no control over or were direct instruction from God about people and activities I had to let go. I have never had to go through any of the changes that recently took place. Things were evolving, and being destroyed in every area of my life. I had no clue how to deal. I've been through a lot and I am a strong person but I found myself weak and my heart breaking. Hurt is designed to make you focus on yourself and that is exactly what happen. I was at a point in my life where I was so focused on the fact that I'm pouring out to people and yet no one in pouring back into me. Well God is always on time because He didn't let that thought settle in my mind before He intervened. So many people in the past week have been telling me how much I inspire them and how much they appreciate me. From my sister to even close friends. God used so many people to give me a wake up call. I started realizing I am so hard on myself and I need to let up a bit because God didn't create me to manifest perfection. God created me to glorify Him!! 

I was text messaging a friend who is going through something kind of similar to whats happening in my life and he told me that I inspire him. Usually I would say aww thanks give him a word of exhortation and keep it moving, but this time God had something else planned. Immediately after he said that every affirmation that has been said to me rushed back to my head and God revealed to me that what I'm going through is not about me. My life is not about me!!!! The moment I became a Christian it stopped being about me. I am infectious whether I like it or not. Whether or not I will embrace it or run from it I have impact. My lifestyle will affect others. This is not just my life but yours as well. We inspire people with the little things we do. Stepping out and wearing a unique outfit inspires someone to be themselves and wear what they like so how much more will pushing through the hard times and trusting God through the pressure speak to people??!? I'm not saying we live for other people because we are to do all things unto the Lord, however I am saying the decisions you make affect more than just you. You are infectious princess! 

own it by loving people on purpose and being intentional in all you do
embrace it by being who God created you to uniquely be don't be a copy you weren't created to be a copy
use it by doing what God has called you to do and reaching those in need of all you have to offer

I share my experiences with you because God is NO respecter of persons if He did it for me He can do it for you so trust your daddy you're His Princess and He wants to enhance your throne!!!

- xoxo
Chantal (your sister)