Virtue Gems v: 0.2 - Praise Him Anyway!!!!

As Virtuous Gems self-pity is not a robe that fits us!!! Have you ever found yourself saying "I'm so messed up" or "I keep messing up" or something similar. Congratulations!!! You have learned a very vital lesson in life: as long as we are in our natural bodies on this earth we will manifest imperfections!! Sweet heart we have to stop being so hard on ourselves. I say we because I too struggle with this same thing. Give yourself room to mess up here and there stop taking yourself so seriously that when you make a mistake or mess up your world crumbles into a million pieces and you feel like a horrible person. You are no surprise to God and you don't ever disappoint God. Disappointment comes from an expectation that one would do something other than what they have actually done. God knows every single thing about you including every mistake and mess you will ever encounter. God doesn't see your baggage as a burden on Him He isn't in Heaven saying "Oh my gosh why can't she be better" or "Why won't she just get fixed" ... God is not that voice!! As a matter of fact I would go so far as to say when we wallow in self-pity and focus on our problems we exalt them above God. God is bigger than all your problems, issues, baggage and anything in your past. God is more than strong enough and able to take care of you, heal you, restore you, and fix you!!! 

I want to challenge you today. First I want to challenge you to accept the fact that you have issues MINUS beating yourself up!!! Second I want to challenge you to change your focus. Rather than wallowing in sadness why not burst with gladness and joy!!! Praise God for allowing you to see your issues and baggage so that you know whats wrong and what needs to be dealt with!!! The beauty in this is that you and God can deal with your issues together! God promises in His word that we are a constant work in progress He will never ever stop working on us!!!!! This is apart of God fulfilling His promise to you!!


Even when the unexpected happens we can still shine & rise above it no matter how hard it can be! The joy of the Lord is our strength ... have you tapped into your strength today? Not only is joy found in the word but it is a CHOICE! You have to choose to walk in joy!!! What choice have you been making lately?

- xoxo,