Naturalosity: Miss Jessie's Stretch Silkening Creme Review

Hey virtuous naturals. I hope all is well & fabulous! So I tried a new product called Stretch Silkening Creme and it is by the brand named Miss Jessie's. I am very skeptical about trying new products especially for natural hair because they tend to be pricey and I get a bit upset when they don't work on my hair, however that wasn't the case this time! I usually do a basic twist out which is damping my hair, apply creme, and twisting my hair at night. Then in the morning I untwist the twist tease with an afro pick and my fingers. This time I applied the stretch silkening creme to my hair while it was wet after I shampooed and conditioned my hair (with the shampoo and condition by Mixed Chicks). I applied the Miss Jessie's hair creme to my hair as I twisted my hair (double strand twist). After I finished twisting my hair I put my satin cap on my head and went to bed. In the morning my curls were super defined!! (Keep in mind I have very thick hair. My hair type is a mixture of 3b and 4a) My hair was also extremely soft and silky. My only concern/problem with this product is that I'm not sure about the ingredients however I am not concerned about this product damaging my hair whatsoever. I do recommend this creme for sure if you want less frizz and more shine! This creme doesn't really stretch out your curls you might want to try Miss Jessie's curly pudding for that effect. Overall I am completely satisfied with this product and recommend it to all my naturals. Bevirtue gives this product two thumbs up!!!!

- xoxo,