Journal Entry 1.1

God is so good! We fling this phrase around as if the weight of these words were light. God is so good! This phrase holds meaning beyond a million words. Lately God has been revealing his goodness to me in extraordinary and new ways and I am so grateful!! I've always known God to be good and amazing but He has being showing himself to be not only my daddy but my best friend not only my best friend but a lover who is always and will never stop seeking me and not only a lover but a provider to my needs and inspiration in everything I do!! This season has been a season of lots of change in my life and a season where I had to let certain people and things in my life go. As a result of me honoring God and letting go of things that hinder me God has being doing amazing things in my life that I know I wouldn't have experienced if I continued to walk by my own will instead of trusting that daddy knows best. "Daddy Knows Best" is a term I often use with my girlfriends. When God tells us to do something we don't want to do I always have to say "Daddy Knows Best!!". I encourage you to do the same remembering that God will never tell you to let go of something if he didn't have something better ahead!!! God is not malicious and He isn't out to get you, but He has amazing plans for you to have a fabulous future, hope, and prosperity (keep in mind prosperity isn't just money it is wholeness in every area of life).  So when God tugs at your heart just like He tugged at mine give in to Him!! I had a tug of war with God at least I thought I did I'm pretty sure God was giggling at me just like I giggle at my baby brother when He tries to fight me. Lol. One thing I've learned through all of this is that happiness is a choice!!! Joy comes from what you know NOT how you feel. Feelings are like frienemies one minute you guys are cool next minute they are turning on you!! Just because we are going through rough situations and hard seasons doesn't mean we are subject to be depressed, and sad all of the time we have authority over our emotions and will. Choose to be happy, full of joy, and biblically driven not emotionally driven!!! (I am not at all saying we shouldn't release our emotions in a healthy way because there is a time and place for everything but I am saying we don't have to be moved by every wind and wave of our emotions)β™₯

I share my experiences with you because God is NO respecter of persons if He did it for me He can do it for you so trust your daddy you're His Princess and He wants to enhance your throne!!!

- xoxo,
Chantal (your sister)