Virtue Gems v: 0.1 - You Are NOT What Happened To You!

Virtuous Gem know their worth is not determinded by anything on the outside of them but their worth is determinded by God and the way they see themselves.

Have you ever had something happen to you that made you say "I thought I was stronger than this, I thought I was better than this" or maybe you've questioned your worth or beauty after a significant other cheated on you or abused you ... YOU ARE STRONG YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL & YOU ARE FULL OF WORTH AND VIRTUE , despite anything that has ever happened . You are not defined by what happens TO you.

We have no control what so ever over situations that happen to us (causing us to be victims) however we have all control over how we respond and even if you responded to a situation negatively at first there are new mercies every day why not start fresh right now right this moment and define yourself through Christ! ... don't give your circumstances the chance to define you!!!

Think about this:
thermometer - reflects the temperature
thermostat - changes the temperature ...
which one are you?

I just would like you to take the time to read something I wrote to myself for encouragement daily:

You are beautiful, and strong. When God created you He had purpose, honor, beauty, and virtue in mind. You were created with a purpose! You are meant to stand out, blending in is not apart of your divine destiny. Unique, beautiful, virtuous, and purpose-filled you are. Words can not grasp the measure of your worth. You were created for the best to do your best and live out a life of fullness & joy through Christ Jesus. Nothing & No one can stop you! The rest is still unwritten & you hold the pen what will you write today ...


Even when the unexpected happens we can still shine & rise above it no matter how hard it can be! The joy of the Lord is our strength ... have you tapped into your strength today? I think I might have figured this joy thing out not only is joy found in the word but it is a CHOICE! You have to choose to walk in joy!!! What choice have you been making lately?

- xoxo,