Naturalosity: Natural Hair Care Basics

So you just went natural huh? Congrats! There are some basic hair care tips you MUST know for healthy natural hair! You can't take care of your natural hair the same way you took care of your chemically treated hair. I have composed some basic tips and facts that can help you on your natural journey

Hair Care Basics:

- Going natural is a journey, and it begins only AFTER your firt big chop. Now that you are letting your natural hair grow out you will have to re-learn your hair. When we had chemically treated hair there were certain things we could do to our hair that we can no longer do. Keep in mind that it will take time and bold experiments to truly get to know your natural hair.

- Hair likes routine. (Having a daily routine and a set day of the week in which you wash your hair is extemely healthy as a natural. You will see after weeks of doing the same routine to your hair how well your hair responds by growing thicker, longer and being more managable, this is only of course if your routine works for your hair. For an example my routine is I wash my hair once a week, condition & detangle my hair daily, add mositurizer and pick it out with an afro pick and a wide tooth comb; that simple and my hair loves it! My routine might not work for you but that is okay you will find one that is perfect for your hair!!)

- Wide tooth combs are your friend. (Say goodbye to those skinny european combs your thick natural hair needs something more durable! Wide tooth combs are easier and far less painful for our hair. Using thin toothed combs will pull your hair and possibly break it off.) Remember when combing your hair to prevent breakage comb from tip to root detangling the curls as you work your way up slowly and gently.

- Water is your hair's best friend. ( I remember when I use to get relaxers I would put tons of product in my hair but as a natural that isn't the case. I've discussed this with other naturals as well and we've all come to the conclusion that water is our hair's best friend. If your hair is really hard to comb in order to avoid breakage I strongly recommend simply wetting your hair. You're probably like that's all? YES THAT IT ALL :-) Don't you just love being a natural

- Invest in a silk cap! You might find that when you moisturize your hair before bed when you wake up in the morning you hair is dry, well that is because your cotton pillowcase has sucked all of the moisture out of your hair. Silk caps or silk pillowcases will keep the moisture in and you won't have to worry about a big bad cotton pillowcase stealing away your lovely moisture as you get your beauty sleep.

- Organic shampoo & conditioners are the way to go!!! I know I know organic products can be a bit more pricey than the traditional brands, however it is worth the extra money. Some non-organic shampoos and conditioners have chemicals in them that aren't healthy for natural hair and create build up! For more information visit:

- Knowing your hair type is key. So far all of the tips I've given are pretty much general but we all have unique and different hair textures and there are things we ought to know about our hair texture that can help us to better understand and take care of our hair uniquely. I strongly recommend checking out this website to discover and learn more about your hair type.

I wish you the best on your hair journey!!!

- xoxo Chantal

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