BeVirtue: Spiritual Growth - MYTH BUSTER #1 - Time Heals

Time heals all wounds ... what a myth! As women we are pretty good at taking care of our physical health, yet we are terribly ill inside. God revealed this thought to me while I was preparing to write this and I just would like you to seriously take some time and just think about this ... "Does time heal or does it just postpone the symptoms".
If your body needs antibiotics yet you keep popping Tylenols yea the symptoms might possibly subside but you really aren't healing the problem that is in your body, this is the exact same thing time does. Over time you don't cry as much, or seem to care as much, and the problem leaves the surface of your life, but just because something isn't on the surface doesn't mean that it isn't there! Humans are complex creatures and as such complex creatures there is so much more to us than our surfaced emotions and problems.

What Time Really Does?
Time actually does nothing as far as our healing is concerned. If you are sick in your physical body the longer you wait to treat whatever is wrong with you the worst it will get. It is completely natural for things to not matter as much over time if we don't deal with them, why? Other situations, and circumstances happen our thought life becomes clouded with the now and what is going on at present time rises to the surface. Some people (I at one point was guilty of this) only will deal with what is at the surface, and once that situation fades of "importance" according to how we feel we ignore it and just find fit that we leave it alone.

They Always Say ...
If time really healed us and was capable of healing us than why is it that we hear the same people that allowed time to "heal" them always say "I thought I was over this". So many people get hurt in relationships and never deal with their issues instead they hop back into another relationship, and even get married when they aren't ready and they carry a bunch of baggage from past hurts into their new "holy" covenant.
The whole time healing approach is just a license for satan to carry your baggage around and hand it to you whenever your problem does come back to the surface and I promise you it will come back to the surface might not be today or tomorrow might not even be this year but it will come back ...

You can't run from it so DEAL with it!
Christianity is a fight, and I am currently learning this more and more each day. A lot of us don't want to accept that pain is a real part of life in general whether you are a Christian or not pain is real and you will encounter it. James 1:2-4 says WHEN trouble comes not if trouble comes. We can expect trouble. I am not at all saying it is in God's will for us to suffer and be hurt, but there will be times when we will have pressure applied to us! Just like you have to apply pressure to a fruit to get what is inside of that fruit out it is the same with us, if we never had painful and hard times we would never know what we are really made of it is so easy to be a good Christian when things are going great but what about when the going gets tough.
We spend so much time, money, and effort on our physical appearance so we can look nice and there is nothing wrong with that, but The Bible says that God looks at the heart ... how do you look spiritually? Just like we invest time . money, and effort in m.a.c, manicures, pedicures, and clothes we need to invest in fixing ourselves up spiritually. Some of us seriously could use a spiritual gussy up.

You can have beauty but first you need to give Him your ashes ...
So many woman yearn for the beauty that comes after going through a rough situation yet they still hold on to their ashes. Isaiah 61:3 does NOT say I'll give you beauty and you can keep your ashes HOWEVER it DOES say give me your ashes and I will give you beauty ... Sometimes we have this religious view on God being this serious, stern, mean being and that isn't who He is. He is love! He is waiting for us all the time with open arms. Run to Him ... He's waiting ...

God is a perfect healer!
God is a perfect healer, and He just doesn't heal but He restores, and when He restores he purifys us! Purity can be defined as unmixed with any unclean substance. God does that for us when we allow Him to heal us and when we seek Him for healing!

When God heals you he does this profound and complex thing that is hard to explain. He takes you and fixes you back to a place as if it never happened, however you walk the rest of your journey in life with this wisdom, and insight that you didn't have before and because of that new wisdom, and insight you are changed and there is a noticable difference about you.

I can think of two people that make this statement completely true! The first person I know personally. He attends the same school I do and he is just an amazing spirit to be around. He is nice, friendly, and genuinely a loving person. I can count the times I've seen him unhappy on less than one hand in an entire semester. When I heard his testimony I was completely shocked because from his testimony he should be a lot of things however God stepped into the picture and now he is a completely new creation living his life for Christ! Joyce Meyers is another person who comes to mind I don't know her personallyso I can't get into full details but basically she was sexually abused as a child by her father and she had a really rough childhood, and she isn't ashamed of what happened to her. She is content with it and has realized it is just apart of her story. How many of us are ashamed and discontent with our past experiences that hurt us?

The Healing Prescription:
Time is a pill that many of us take, it doesn't heal and it doesn't cure your problems. Time can allow your crying, emotional pain, and thought patterns about your situation to subside, however your problem and hurt will still remain. After taking a pill and when we see it doesn't do the thing we want it to do like heal us for instance we ought to go see the doctor. God is our doctor and he has NEVER lost a patient. It is time to stop taking the same lousy pill that doesn't work, and visit our doctor (Pray/Spend time with God) and get the proper prescription (Scriptures to stand on) for real healing!

Step 1. Really just let it all out to God. Talk to Him tell Him that it hurt just all out VENT!! God is not an unreachable religious figure. He is a real father that really cares for His daughters ... WE ARE HIS DAUGHTERS!

Step 2. Find a healing scripture to stand on. The word of God is seed! Your bible is a bag of seed. Everything you read in the word can be planted in your heart. The bible says out of your heart flows the issues of life. What is in your heart? Plant a healing word in your heart and that is what will flow out into your life!

Step 3. Plant the seed! Read and confess the scripture/scriptures you have chosen to stand on every single day! That word must be in front of your eyes and in your mouth if you want to plant it in the garden of your heart. The word talks about our mouth being like the pen of a ready writer, and our hearts being a tablet. What is your mouth writing onto your heart?

Step 4. STAY IN THE WORD! There is not time in Heaven. Jesus and God aren't in Heaven rushing to do things. We need to understand the law of farming. A farmer doesn't just plant a seed and recieve a harvest the next day he has to nuture it daily (read and confess the word daily), and wait to see a harvest. In this day and age we hate waiting for anything! We really need to exercise patience more often another word for patience is long suffering. Let's just stop saying patience and replace it with long suffering! LONG SUFFERING! You have to be dilligent, and long suffering during this process! Just like a painter painting a new piece of art he isn't going to rush. He is going to take his time, and perfect every single detail ... that is what God wants to do to you.

Step 5. Get a voice behind the word! God wants to speak to us and He speaks to us all differently however He still has a special word for each of us! When you stay in the word long enough you will get a voice behind the word that God has just for you! (Keep in mind God will never tell you to do something that goes against what He already says in His word)


Biblical Reference for you to stand on:
Psalms 45:1
Isaiah 62:2
Psalms 147:3
Mark 16:16
1 Peter 1:23
Psalms 34:18
Phillippians 4:19 (This scripture isn't just for finances you have a NEED to be healed!!)
Joel 2:23-24
Jeremiah 17:1
Job 4:8
Isaiah 61:1
1 Samuel 16:7
I am blessed to be a blessing and share all that God has revealed to me with you.
With Love,
Xo Chantal
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