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"So that no advantage would be taken of us by Satan, for we are not ignorant of his schemes".
- 2 Corinthians 2:11

God has a master plan for our lives as Christians and that is for us to be perfected and transformed into the image of Christ. Likewise Satan has a master plan for our lives as well and that is for us to focus on anything and everything else EXCEPT God!


We all have experienced them. A lot of things in life that happen to us don't even need to be entertained. I'm learning I don't need to worry about my problems and my issues. Jesus told us to worry about NOTHING and pray about EVERYTHING! This doesn't mean you don't deal with your problems and your issues ... you get some scriptures on what you need and you stand on that, however you never let it consume all of you and take your eyes off of God.

As you guys can see on the site I added a new feature of articles called Awareness Series, and in this new feature I'm going to be tackling domestic violence, and pornography addiction. I felt led to focus on domestic violence first so as I was writing my testimony all these negative emotions about my experience with domestic violence begun to rush back and I just couldn't understand it. I remember thinking to myself "I thought I was over this why are these feelings coming back". One thing about Satan is that he isn't very powerful however he is smart. The entire time I was working on this new feature and this website it was smooth sails, I didn't have any issues while doing anything before this new feature of domestic violence came about. Even starting the first article on it was fine but when I started writing my testimony is when all of the negative thoughts and emotions rushed to me. I was confused, I felt every single feeling my experience made me feel all over again. I was so confused I couldn't understand how I got back to square one. What was the problem? I was distracted and I fed into the distraction, and it bothered me even more because I've been ignoring and dogding distractions this entire week, but this caught me off guard because I didn't realize this was an attack. Whenever you are doing some great for God that will help impact people in a positive way Satan is pretty much obligated to come against you. He can't physically stop your hands or physically tie you up so he puts negative thoughts in our heads, we can then do two things sit there and take those thoughts which is basically entertaining them and allowing them to plant seeds of negativity in the garden of our heart. (The bible says faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God so if faith comes that way so can unbelief and fear but by hearing the words of Satan) OR you can choose to cast down those thoughts and bring all your thoughts into the obedience of Christ. 2 Corinthians 10:5 tells us that we are to cast down every single thought, imagination or theory that tries to lift itself above the truth of God. How do you do that? By speaking the word! YOU HAVE POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS!

Example: You prayed and asked God for emotional healing, you meditate on scriptures and stand in faith believing God for emotional healing from a past experience, and then you hear a thought "You’re so messed up. God can't fix you". You know that isn't what the word says so you OPEN YOUR MOUTH (don't fight thoughts with thoughts) ... & you speak Psalms 147:3 "Nope that is a lie the word of God says that he heals my broken heart and binds up my wounds"!

Thoughts that are contrary to the word of God are distractions that attempt to make us fall into unbelief! Tye Tribbett says that every thought must have a bouncer just like a bouncer works to kick people that don't belong out of a nightclub your bouncer in your mind must shut down thoughts that don't line up with the word but your bouncer must know the word! Satan loves to twist scripture so make sure you do your research and see the word with your own eyes so you won't fall prey into thinking the words of Satan are the words of God!! Remember Hosea 4:6 "My people perish from a lack of knowledge".

One thing I have come to realize is that Christianity is a fight it is a daily fight! Once you accept Jesus you step onto the battlefield. If a solider is caught off guard on the battlefield what will happen? He will get knocked down! Sometimes that is what happens to us. Joyce Meyers once said "If you stay on the attack you won't be under the attack". Are you going to choose to be on or under? The bible says that Satan is like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Do you know that if he could just devour anyone he wouldn't have to look for someone to devour!!! If you find that you are always under the attack study all the scriptures on spiritual warfare you can possibly find! A solider hiding behind a bush sobbing is an easy target … stand up and FIGHT!

When your eyes are on God you aren't absorbed with self, your circumstances seem tiny and things don't even bother you like they normally would because your eyes are on focused on God. You can't bounce back and fourth between being focused on God and being focused on you it is one or the other. I have found in my personal life that when I focus on God I have this unexplainable peace! If I get distracted and begin focusing on my problems and my feelings I find things go all out of whack and I get this rush of negative emotions. This taught me that there is nothing like the peace of God! The peace of God can only be found in God!

Yes we have authority and yes God has given us power through Jesus however we can not fix ourselves! That is for God to do if we could fix ourselves Jesus could have stayed in heaven and wouldn't have had to endure the horrible things he did! I can even go so far to say if we could fix ourselves there would be no purpose for Jesus!! GUESS WHAT JESUS IS FULL OF EXTREME PURPOSE BECAUSE NOT ONE OF US CAN FIX OURSELVES! We need Him, yet we run from Him, when are we going to stop running and just fall into the arms of Jesus and let him mold us!

As females we tend to be very emotional, God made us emotional creatures and there is nothing wrong with that however we need to stop governing our lives based on our emotions. Want to know something I don't necessarily feel like doing certain things sometimes and I've found the times when I ignore my emotions and do what God tells me to do those are the times when God uses me most to make an impact on people! It is fantastic to feel compassion for people but you can't wait to FEEL compassion to help somebody! God isn't going to tug at your heart every single time you need to help someone. It is about time we start doing things for people because we have been commissioned in his word to do it instead of waiting for our feelings to invite us to do something nice for people. We know what needs to be done … do it! I'm not at all saying you need to run down the block screaming Jesus loves you! I'm just trying to get you to understand your emotions change too often for us to live our lives based on them! What if the first person to tell you about Jesus decided they didn't feel like sharing the gospel where would you be now?

Negative emotions are usually distractions that try to persuade us from doing what God wants us to do! Is the word of God your final authority or your emotions? The word of God will never change, however your emotions will! (The same emotions you felt when you first started reading this article most likely aren't the same emotions you feel now ... to prove my point lol =])


Do you find yourself getting easily distracted? So do I! I know exactly how you feel so I created this list that can help the of both us!!

1. Get in the word daily! - You're probably doing this already but if you aren't I can't stress enough how important this is! This is what keeps us in line and reminds us of who we are and the God we serve. The word of God has transforming power! I recommend waking up early in the morning and spending time with God (just like Jesus did)! Your day gets a fresh start when you spend time with God before you do anything else! This puts your entire day into perspective! A Christian that doesn’t read the word is like a car without an engine!

2. Lead a healthy prayer life daily! -Prayer is the most powerful thing we can do on this earth. My pastor says when we pray we give God earthly permission for heavenly intervention. A Christian that doesn’t pray is like a car without wheels!

3. Re-direct your focus! - The bible says Seek first the kingdom of God. When you’re focused on God and Him alone everything else will fall into perspective in HIS timing! When you put aside your circumstances, what you need, and your own personal agenda, as well as emotions God will take care of all that concerns you! Remember Jesus instructed us NOT to worry!

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As always I pray this article blesses you as much as it has blessed me! I am blessed to be a blessing and share all that God has revealed to me with you.

With Love,
Xo Chantal