about chantal

For as long as I can remember, I've had something to say. Passion and advocacy flows through my body, like the blood flows through my veins. I have to speak up. I don't know any other way to be.

Speaking up, writing, creating, advocating because people are important to me. YOU are important to me. I care about the girl who gets bullied, and wants to commit suicide; at a school where no one will advocate for her wellbeing. I must create for the woman who finds herself young, pregnant and afraid. I will continue to speak for the girl who is sexually assaulted in a town where no one believes her. These issues, these people, their hearts, they matter to me. How can I not say something? This blog is my collection of love letters to those hearts who are hurting. It is a light for anyone in dark tunnel. I write so you know that you are loved even if you haven't heard those words in a while.

To some it may be 'just' a blog, for me it is a sacred place. A sanctuary for all to come and know the truth: you are loved, you are enough, you are accepted.

In 2013, I graduated from Nyack College in New York with a degree in Youth and Family Studies. While I've had amazing experience in this field that isn't where my passion and fight comes from. I am a survivor of teen dating violence and sexual assault. I've struggled with depression, suicide and self-harm. I've gone through dark deep valleys where I had to fight to see a light that wasn't there. I am a seeker of the light and truth. I make it my business to fight for the life I know I should have. I don't accept the darkness that life tries to hand me and you don't have to either.

Love . Light . Freedom . Hope

Those are the pillars of my life and the thread that flows through my writing.  Your story, your life and your struggle may be very different than mine. There is also a good chance your story, life and struggle may be a lot like mine. Either way, I hope you find what you need here. I write not to make it all better or to be an answer but to remind you that it is nothing but human to have the experiences that we do.

I will share my highs and lows, victories and failures, my triumphs and my deep pains. This space in many ways is healing for me. May it be healing and light to you as well.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. - Maya Angelou


xoxo, Chantal